Ashley Kalinauskas, MS

Founder and CEO, Torigen Pharmaceuticals

Ashley is the Founder and CEO of Torigen Pharmaceuticals—a startup that resulted from her graduate thesis project at the University of Notre Dame. Ashley graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2012 with an undergraduate degree in Pathobiology and then chose to continue her education. Torigen is the result of the research of former University of Notre Dame professor Dr. Mark Suckow.

Torigen focuses on providing veterinary cancer care solutions for companion animals. Torigen’s first product is an autologous cancer immunotherapy that uses the patient’s own tumor cells to create a personalized treatment to fight the cancer. With over 50% of companion animals over the age of 10 dying from cancer and with other treatment modalities being both expensive and having negative side effects, Torigen offers an innovative new treatment that is quickly gaining traction with veterinarians across the country.

Torigen is located at the Technology Incubation Program at the University of Connecticut. Ashley was named the 2018 Connecticut Women Entrepreneur of the Year and she is focused on making a difference in the lives of pet owners.