Jessica M. Gibson, MBA

CEO and Co-founder, Ariel Precision Medicine

Ms. Gibson is CEO and Co-Founder of Ariel Precision Medicine, a private health technology solutions company enabling the early diagnosis and targeted management of complex chronic disorders. Under her leadership, Ariel won the 2018 “Emerging Company of the Year” award by Life Sciences PA. She lead the development, validation and commercial launch of Ariel’s proprietary disease management platform, and the first comprehensive genetics test for pancreatitis and CFTR related disorders, PancreasDx®. Ms. Gibson has focused on working with multiple stakeholders including establishing partnerships with National Pancreas Foundation, therapeutic discovery with Mission Cure and trials various pharmaceutical companies. She served as Chief Commercial officer of Ariel Precision Medicine until 2016, leveraging a broad healthcare and Pharma experience, earning multiple national awards and recognition for her work in Sales, Training and Medical Marketing with Purdue and Shionogi Pharmaceuticals. Ms. Gibson gained early experience in complex genetics from her work in the biotechnology field with Gene Wiz Inc. until she was recruited into the pharmaceutical industry. Before entering industry, she worked in emergency care and academic research at the University of Pittsburgh, developing a great appreciation for both the research and the practice of medicine. Translating research discoveries and knowledge into real world health care solutions has always been one of the motivating factors for Ms. Gibson. Early on in her career, she worked with the Center for Emergency Medicine in emergency care and was also a research assistant for projects with the Cancer Institute. Ms. Gibson received her executive MBA from Liberty University after earning a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medicine from the University of Pittsburgh.